Nufactur Launches New MRO Parts Search Engine

The one-of-a-kind tool compares pricing and availability on millions of MRO parts, helping regional distributors compete against big competitors.


CHICAGO —Digital platform, Nufactur, has launched a brand new, one-of-a-kind tool to compare pricing and availability on millions of parts for maintenance, repair and operations. 

In the current industrial climate, accelerating the supply chain is more important than ever. Nufactur accomplishes this by showing end-users transparent pricing and availability on industrial components, making manufacturing more efficient, giving distributors equal opportunity and minimizing customer downtime. 

While benefiting users by sourcing parts efficiently to reduce machine downtime, Nufactur also benefits distributors by enabling them to move inventory that may have been taking up warehouse space for years. 

“When a part in a machine breaks down, the factory is sometimes losing thousands of dollars of production an hour while they look for that part,” said Freeman Smith, Founder and CEO of Nufactur. “They might end up waiting months for an overseas manufacturer to produce the exact same part  that is sitting in the warehouse of a distributor down the road.” 

In addition to generating leads for regional distributors, Nufactur helps boost visibility and provide valuable insights for smaller companies being overshadowed by giant catalog distribution chains increasingly dominating the industry. By harnessing the power of data secured from the platform, smaller distributors learn which part numbers are in the highest demand and maximize the use of their inventory space. 

Nufactur’s mission is to foster transparent and efficient distribution and provide value to both its customers and the manufacturing industry as a whole. To source needed industrial components or for additional information about Nufactur, please visit  

Nufactur is global digital platform allowing businesses and consumers the ability to compare pricing and availability across various manufacturers and MRO distributors, to find needed parts efficiently. The company offers its customers millions of parts for maintenance, repair, and operations, connecting end users to industrial distributors. To source needed components or for more information, visit or call (630) 313-6563.  

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