Accutek, Diebold Partner on Toolholding Offerings

Accutek will expand its product offering to include Germany-based Diebold's toolholder and shrink machine technology to support distribution partners and metalworking customers.


ADDISON, IL — Timothy Fara, executive vice president of sales and marketing at toolholding and workholding products manufacturer Accutek Inc., announced Monday the company's new partnership with Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co. of Jungingen, Germany. Diebold has been a high-quality manufacturer of technology for S Diebold Logotoolholding, shrink fit, measuring and spindle for the global markets since 1952. Their technology advancements in shrink fit tooling and machine technology have been at the forefront of the industry. Their machine tool spindle technology is of the finest quality in the machine tool industry. 

Accutek, with its CNC toolholder technology and CNC workholding technology will expand is product offering to include the toolholder technology of Diebold as well as its shrink machine technology to further support their distribution partners and metalworking customers through Mexico, Canada and the United States. Accutek will not only sell the Diebold products but also service and support all application requirements to maintain a strong quality and service position in the markets it serves. 

Logo Accutek (002)With the partnership with Diebold, Accutek will be adding the following products to their already strong product offering: 

  • Goldring Toolholders 
    • CentroGrip Micro-Precision ER Collet system 
    • UltraGrip Power Milling Chucks 
    • JetSleeve 2.0 Shrink Fit Coolant Holders 
    • UltraJet 3.0 Innovative Coolant-thru Power Chucks 
    • Diebold ER Shrink - ER collets with Shrink Fit technology 
    • DMS – Diebold Modular ER Tooling System 
  • ThermoGrip Shrink Fit Machine Technology 
    • MS502-P Mini-Shrink Fit machine 
    • US 1100V – Vertical Shrink Fit Machine 
    • US 1100H – Horizontal Shrink Fit Machines 
    • US 1100VT – Vertical Shrink Fit machines with Integral Solution Cooling 
    • Patented Pyrometer Coil Technology for all US 1100 machines 
  • Measuring Technology 
    • Clamping Force Tester 
    • HSK Taper and D-BT Taper Measuring Gauges 
    • VEG Presetting and Measuring Systems 
    • 3D Edge Finder Technology 

Accutek, a manufacturer of tool holder and work holding products, has a strong industrial distributor partner support system throughout North America servicing all of Mexico, Canada and United  States manufacturing businesses.

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