Master Distributor AgoNow Launches Welding Subsidiary, WeldNow

Digital wholesale partner WeldNow gives distributors access to more than 170,000 SKUs from hundreds of top welding, cutting, filler metal, consumable and accessory brands.

Weld Now

TULSA, OK — A team of industry veterans with more than 100 combined years of welding and wholesale industry experience has launched WeldNow, LLC, a digital wholesale partner focused solely on product categories for welding distribution. By providing access to more than 170,000 SKUs from hundreds of the industry’s leading welding, cutting, filler metal, consumable and accessory brands, WeldNow enables distributors to diversify their product offering without tying up capital or resources.

“WeldNow delivers a new level of support, business strategies and analytics to its distributor and supplier partners so that they can profitably grow their businesses while increasing customer service,” says Jeff Kamentz, President of WeldNow. “Through our deep understanding of products and channels, we help our partners identify new opportunities and make more informed decisions.”

WeldNow offers flexible inventory strategies, kitting services, complete or high fill rates on first shipment, ships directly to end-users on behalf of distributor partners and provides a rapid respond to supplier backorders. The company can set up distributors as a new customer in 30 minutes or less, offers consistent pricing across brands and gives its distributor a single point of contact and web store access to place orders 24/7.

“We can even develop custom digital sales platforms and create associated marketing programs,” says Kamentz.

WeldNow is a joint venture owned by the industry veterans and operates as a subsidiary of AgoNow, LLC, a pure wholesaler focused on industrial, safety, construction and energy markets. WeldNow will operate on the AgoNow NetSuite platform, a leading cloud-based omnichannel commerce-software. This platform will support WeldNow’s goal of providing the latest digital partnership technologies.

To learn more about or partner with WeldNow, go to or email the company at [email protected].

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