Optimas Launches Standard Fastener Program

The new program delivers speed and availability for operations professionals seeking to standardize on common parts.


GLENVIEW, IL — Optimas Solutions, ranked No. 20 on Industrial Distribution's 2020 Big 50 List, has announced the launch of a Standard Fastener program that offers on-demand access to common screws, washers and nuts for maintenance, repair, and production applications with minimal quality documentation requirements. The service is part of its Manufacturing Solutions strategy and will better meet the existing and future requirements of its customers.

The program is designed to provide availability and consistency for typical usage parts, plus more security from running out of stock or when lead times threaten production. Available online at us.optimas.com, the Standard Fastener program offers a focused selection of 224 common fasteners (screws, washers and nuts), and targets one business day to ship approved orders available from Optimas’ centrally located distribution centers in St. Louis, MO and Monterrey, MX.  The St. Louis facility was recently opened and is the distribution hub for all manufacturing consumables.

“The Standard Fastener program applies directly to building an agile supply chain based on the 80/20 rule,” said Marc Strandquist, president and CEO of the Americas for Optimas Solutions. “The vast majority of our customers rely on a core group of fasteners. Roughly 20 percent of those items comprise 80 percent of their spend. We are focused on delivering those items quickly and competitively so they can concentrate on managing demand. This is another aspect of our Manufacturing Solutions strategy which we have designed as an agile, flexible supply chain that gives our customer what they value most.”

OptimasThe program, which offers common size fasteners is designed to make decision making fast, easy, and actionable while saving customers money. Parts available during the launch phase include:

  • Hex Cap Screws
  • Hex Nuts
  • Socket Cap Screws
  • Washers

According to Strandquist, there are several features of the program that manufacturers will appreciate:

  • Ample Inventory — Provides consistent availability and pricing while reducing lead time compared to off-shore suppliers.
  • Agile Pick, Pack and Ship Process – Ensures fast turnaround and instant online quotes for high-and low-quantity needs.
  • Expedited Shipping — Overnight, common carrier, air shipping, and expedited service options, are available—dependent on order size and customer timeline.
  • Ease of Purchase — Blanket PO and online ordering capabilities support planned and unplanned purchasing channels.
  • Reduced Part Obsolescence — Replace fasteners with special secondary processing and reduce exposure to part obsolescence.
  • Range of Production Options — In-house engineering, cold forming capabilities, licensed offerings and quality labs provide a competitive range of production options from a single source, centrally located near Chicago.
  • Improved Usage — Vending machine options offer complementary point solutions for usage accountability and automated replenishment.
  • Regular Cadence of Deliveries — Tech-enabled (OptiTech), Just-in-Time (JIT) parts distribution and inventory management solutions are available for customers needing regular cadence deliveries.

“We realize that speed to market is critical to our customers,” Strandquist said. “So, we are truly embracing our mantra of ‘Efficiency Up’ with the Standard Fastener program to far exceed customer expectations. And, when we do, both Optimas, and more importantly our customers, will reap the rewards of greater business success through efficiency and enhanced profitability.”

According to Strandquist, Optimas continues to offer greater ordering accessibility to customers by allowing them to purchase parts online at us.optimas.com or email [email protected].

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