CLEMONS, NC — Hayward Flow Control has announced an addition to its line of Aquatic products of the LS Series Aquatic Sand Filter. The back-washable Sand Filter is ideal for sensitive aquatic environments or salt water systems.

Available in size 31” (99 GPM) and 36” (130 GPM), all wetted hardware is made from 316 Stainless Steel, featuring EPDM gaskets seals and 2” NPT connections. Additionally, an optional 6-Way Multiport LS Aquatic Valve is available.

Key features & advantages:

  • Corrosion resistant thermoplastic housing and base
  • Durable flanged inspection cover
  • Integral top diffuser
  • Stainless steel gauge
  • Efficient, multilateral underdrain assembly
  • Integral molded drain plug

Typical applications or installations include but are not limited to aquariums, aquatic animal life support, and science and research facilities.

Hayward Flow Control, a division of Hayward Industries, is a manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves, actuation and controls, filters, strainers, bulkhead fittings, and tank accessories and pumps for use in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, water parks/municipal pools and aquatic/animal life support systems. Hayward's thermoplastic flow control products can accommodate aggressive and corrosive environments, delicate ecosystems or the strictest chemical balances to keep water and life working together. Hayward Flow Control is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer.

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