The new heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty System Plast™ modular plastic belts from Emerson's Power Transmission Solutions provide a non-skid, energy efficient conveyor surface for moving walkways, automotive assembly lines, and general material handling of heavy loads, such as barrels, drums, kegs and pallets. According to the company:

  • 2508 heavy-duty and 2630 extra heavy-duty belts handle loads up to 5,400 lb/ft and 7,800 lb/ft (80 kN/m and 115 kN/m) respectively.
  • Both are ideal for moving assembly line floors where the corrosion-resistant belt's solid surface prevents tools, fasteners and small parts from being trapped.
  • Available in five different material types, the belts provide a quiet, energy-saving alternative to chain and live-roller conveyor for general handling of heavy loads.
  • Antistatic and electrically conductive materials minimize risk of damage to electronic components and devices from electrostatic discharge.
  • The 2508 is 0.87 inch thick, available in widths of 11.8 to 196.8 inches; the 2630 is 1.2 inches thick, and available in widths of 3.9 to 196.8 inches.
  • The belts' unique design allows pusher bars to be attached, removed or replaced by the user at any time without disassembly of the belt.
  • Both belts utilize a patent-pending retention clip for the hinge pin.

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