ECOtality's Minit Charger Unveils Revolutionary Minit Charger 12

San Francisco, CA - ECOtality, Inc. announced the launch of the Minit-Charger 12, a quick charging opportunity charger for the material handling industry. According to the company, the Minit-Charger 12 is a versatile and adaptable opportunity charger available for this category that is also the most feature-rich. Interactive, real-time charge controls ensure a proper charge, while maintaining optimal battery health by avoiding overcharging and extending the useful life of batteries by up to 40%. Additionally, the patented Minit-Charger algorithm delivers the fastest charge in the industry, while reducing the need for multiple spare batteries—potentially saving thousands of dollars a year.

The Unique features of the Minit-Charger 12 include:

  • Patented algorithms allowing the highest sustained charge rate in the industry at 250 DC Amps
  • Universal model works with all batteries, all battery capacities and voltages from 24-80 volts
  • Sequencing option reduces AC circuit requirements by 50% and creates the potential for a significant reduction in peak kW demand
  • Automatically de-stratifies battery during charge to ensure longer life
  • Equalizes on demand or based on user schedule
  • Compatible with new BIM battery module and current BDC battery module
  • Capable of recharging sealed and flooded batteries

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