Trillium Flow Technologies Acquires Termomeccanica Pompe

The company launched a new line of optimized pump lines following the deal.

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MILAN, Italy – Trillium Flow Technologies, a global leader in flow control solutions, announced the integration and launch of its optimized pump lines following the successful acquisition of the Termomeccanica Pompe brand.

This strategic move marks a significant advancement in Trillium's product offerings, blending the strengths of its horizontal pumps between its Gabbioneta Pumps and Termomeccanica Pompe brands.

The newly optimized product line includes a comprehensive range of horizontal pumps featuring overhung and between-bearing designs, such as OH2, OH3, OH5, BB1, BB2, BB3, BB4, BB5 and VS4. This integration demonstrates the synergy and advantages brought by the union of these legacy brands while further enhancing product efficiency and product coverage across performance ranges.

"I am pleased to launch the integration of the horizontal pumps within Termomeccanica Pompe and Gabbioneta Pumps product lines within our portfolio," said Sam Eccles, product director of pumps at Trillium. 'This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards offering unparalleled solutions in the flow technology space. Combining both brands' rich heritage and centuries of experience, we are poised to deliver an industry-leading range of products and services. This integration not only enhances our capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in meeting the evolving needs of our customers globally and provides a great platform for 2024 and beyond."

"As chairman of Trillium Pumps Italy, I am thrilled to witness the evolution of our optimized pump lines. This significant step symbolizes the progress of the integration and expertise of Trillium's global team with the legacy of Termomeccanica Pompe," said Trillium Italy Chairman Edoardo Garibotti. "We are not just merging product lines but blending centuries of engineering excellence to deliver superior, efficient, and innovative solutions to our customers. This launch is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our vision for a future where our products lead the industry globally."

Various stakeholders across the business have carefully executed the overhung and between-bearing product integration, ensuring to maintain two of the most recognized legacy product brands in the industry, while optimizing overlapping products based on critical customer metrics such as weight and efficiency. This strategic approach has further extended the company's overall product coverage and set a solid foundation for upcoming New Product Development (NPD) launches slated to begin in Q1 2024. Furthermore, the company continues to focus on vertical integration over the first half of 2024.

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