SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution

Today’s competitive, digital markets demand that Wholesale Distributors evolve faster, become more efficient, and provide memorable customer experiences. For decades, distributors have thrived primarily on great, existing customer relationships. In the new millennium, simply breaking bulk and having great relationships are not enough. This Solution Brief explains how SAP Hybris can help Wholesale Distributors create world-class customer experiences for their customers in today's digital world.

1SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution Today’s competitive markets demand that Wholesale Distributors evolve faster, become more efficient, and provide memorable customer experiences. For decades, distributors have thrived primarily on great, existing customer relationships. In the new millennium, simply breaking bulk and having great relationships are not enough. Furthermore, distributors continue to face margin pressu- re, an empowered customer and industry consolidation. The hyper-connected customer has more options to buy than ever before and expects a more seamless, integrated and holistic experience. Managing the customer experience requires tools that let you build dynamic, content-rich engagement. The most significant imperative is contextual engagement – a direct and personal interaction with each customer, delivering relevant content and personalized offers, using data and tech- nology to win and retain business. Today, leading distributors are using digital technology to create, deliver, and sustain new and meaningful customer experiences – and in the process are digitally transforming themselves. To survive, distributors must re-think business processes and models and use of their vast wealth of data to remain relevant and leapfrog their competitors. Disruptors are making headway in markets traditionally served by distributors, and customer and employee expectations are changing fast. Agility, the reduction of complexity, and new revenue streams will be key to the future of successful, profitable wholesale distribution companies. 2SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution Digital Trends Shaping the Buying Experience Digital and Mobility By 2017, 92% of distributors will be selling products online – e-commerce is not optional, it is an expectation that needs to be met. It is needed to enhance the customer relationship and increase customer retention. In addition, it allows expansion to new markets, segments and customers. The e-commerce channel allows to convert high-cost customers into low-cost channels. Rising B2B Customer Expectations Today, B2B Buyers expect the same information and the same service if they buy online, in the branch or via phone. The number of contact points a customer has with a distributor has multiplied. Therefore companies must adopt an omni-channel model to deliver a seamless and consistent customer expe- rience - across all channels and touchpoints to customers, whether it is an in-person interaction, a mobile device, a phone call, or an email. Enabling the Field The sales force plays an important role in the sales process – but their role is changing. Once sellers were seen as the unparalleled source of information. But the digital revolution has shifted the balance of power and equipping buyers with the information they need to make purchase decisions. A new set of tools is required to support the sales force with collaborative selling capabilities, real-time customer information and the ability to service customers anytime and anywhere. Insight driven marketing Companies must capitalize on data-driven insights and make intelligent business decisions to maximize marketing ROI. By leveraging big data to create a customer golden record and by analyzing both transactional and behavior data in real time, companies are able to gain insights across all touch points and across entire customer journey. Mega-Trends Shaping Wholesale Distribution → Technology is changing rapidly, especially on the consumer side, which sets the bar higher for distributors selling not only to their current customers, but also to the new generation of digital natives – to stay current, distributors must adapt and to their needs. → Increased competition from non-traditional sources such as Amazon Business Marketplace and manufacturers selling direct – this trend will force distributors to rethink their business model and how to fend off new entrants. → Mobility is becoming a game-changer. Mobile devices have changed how salespeople do their jobs and how customers interact with distributors. → Customer expectations have increase – on self service capabilities, on customer service, on research tools, product information and search/ merchandising on websites. → Importance of sales channels is expected to change, especially the role of the sales force – no longer is order-taking part of their service; their role must be more value added and they must have the tools to access all customer interactions. “Technology is transforming every industry. Winners are building strategies and capabilities to match.” - McKinsey 3SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solutions for the Wholesale Distribution Industry SAP Hybris offers a single platform that combines Sales, Services, Commerce and Marketing to ensure a seamless digital experience across the entire wholesale customer journey. It offers seamless support of B2B/B2C/B2B2C, marketplaces and complex services scenarios. And by enabling a 360-degree view of your customers and real-time predictive analytics, it helps to further grow your business and compete in the new digital economy. → Orchestrate business processes across marketing, commerce, sales and service. → Enables business model innovation and expansion for competitive differentiation → Deliver personalized experiences in context with each interaction. → Create a single, harmonized experience for your customer, while reducing the burden on employees. → Be prepared to engage your customers on the channels they choose at any moment in their journey. → Full integration with your Core Business Processes BY THE NUMBERS: Customer Experience. 89% of business leaders believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition by 2016. (Gartner) Commerce. Commerce is not optional, it is an expectation and must not be viewed as a discrete channel. Customers expect a consistent, integrated omni-channel experience. By 2017, 56% of B2B buyers will complete at least half of their purchases online (2015 Forrester) Self Service. B2B buyers prefer 3:1 to self-educate rather than speak to a sales representative. (Forrester) Mobility. B2B customers are using their mobile devices to research and buy online: 68% of contractors use smartphones. 37% of contractors use tablets. (EMA Contractors) MOBILE EXECUTION RETAIL TRADE eCOMMERCE QUOTE TO CASH CALL CENTER SOCIAL MEDIACONTEXTUAL OFFERS REAL-TIME INSIGHTS SELF- SERVICE PHONE SMS Marketing Commerce Service Sales 4SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution SAP Cloud for Customer SAP Cloud for Customer – is the next generation “Lead-to-Quote” sales solution for Wholesale Distribution companies to engage with their customers to build better relationships though both sales and service: Sales: built on a robust and flexible cloud platform that can adapt from simple to the most complex sales processes, Cloud for Customer captures insight from all touchpoints and helps the sales force interact on a more knowledgeable basis and close deals Service: The omni-channel contact center has come to be the standard for customer service, presenting a choice of options in a single, flexible, and adaptable platform. Customers expect service staff to understand who they are and to have access to all prior interac- tions from all channels and touchpoints at the time they interact. Cloud for Customer offers full data visibility and transparency, where everything is available and usable. The solution provides → Account & Contact Management → Lead, Opportunity and Activity Management → Visit Planning & Execution → Quote Templates & Creation of Orders → Collaborative Selling → Customer Specific Pricing & Discounts → Email & Calendar Integration → Real-time Analytics, Collaboration Features → Integrated with SAP Business Suite, SAP Hybris Commerce and Marketing → Multiple languages for global deployment → Supporting device agnostic mobile approach incl. offline for most commonly used operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows) 5SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution SAP Hybris Commerce Hybris Commerce provides best-in-class omni-channel com- merce capabilities, including natively integrated Product Content Management, Web Content Management, mobile, search and merchandising capabilities. WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ACROSS ALL CHANNELS → Provide real-time insights into customer behavior → Reduce cost to serve with self-services → Assisted selling capabilities to support your sales force → Target with personalized Product & Service Bundles → Real Time Recommendations / Up-Sells → Integrated search capabilities → Manage Campaigns and Promotions → Mobile and responsive b2b portals to support faster time-to-market „SAP hybris Commerce Suite allows us to be more responsive to customer demands while providing the scale and flexibility needed to support our unique business requirements. We have seen accelerated, double-digit return on investment.“ - Jeremy Rogers, Director of E-Business / Ingram Micro Mobility 80% 62% of customers know what they want before they even contact the vendor of distributors will be selling products online by 2017 B2B Customers requesting Self-Service 92% Rich and Accurate Product Content as a Prerequisite for Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences Product content is a key to driving omni-channel commerce success. Collaborate to create, manage and publish high-quality content across all touchpoints to ensure sales and service chan- nels have accurate, valuable and rich information. Create and Manage Personalized Customer Experiences on All Touchpoints Managing the customer experience requires tools that let you build a dynamic, content-rich engagement. Hybris Commerce enables businesses to do just that. From mobile to desktop, these experiences can be developed and maintained with intu- itive business tools, making it easier to build a personal, highly targeted customer journey. Hybris Commerce enables organizations to engage customers with dynamic content, search results, product catalogs, and pric- es. Information from Hybris Marketing helps enrich the data with additional customer insights to create personalized experiences tailored to the individual buyers. 10% Increase in average order value 18% Increase in conversation rate 50% Greater utilization of order entry 100% Automation of product returns and price protection 6SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution SAP Hybris Marketing Clear market and customer intelligence is crucial for contextual marketing. The marketer needs to know the customers as indi- vidual entities - from internal and external data sources - to gain a true picture of the customer. Order histories and financials can be leveraged, as well as ‘unstructured’ data sources such as sales representative interactions, email and web chat. This can be combined with external sources of insight such as social media ratings and conversations. It allows to market in a way that is uniquely relevant to each individual customer and gain better insights in how to invest, grow and retain your customer base. Marketers need the ability to orchestrate the customer engage- ments across channels. SAP Hybris Marketing helps the marketer → Boost customer contact and response rates through accurate targeting and segmentation → Empower marketers to perform their own segmentation and targeting → Predict customer behaviors: leverage advanced analytics to anticipate customer behaviors and discover hidden trends → Forecast the effect of all marketing tactics to know ahead of time how successful they will be. → Gain insight and unify the customer view by consolidating customer information, - with data from across the organization and external data sources SAP Hybris Marketing comes tightly integrated with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. SAP Hybris Marketing enables organizations to gain real-time insight into customer intent, deliver contextually engaging experiences, and to market with speed and agility. The out-of-the box integration allows organizations to leverage key capabilities in these areas: → Enrich the customer profile with visitor data from Hybris Commerce → Product recommendations on your sales channel based on historical patterns, preferences, and future propensities → Personalization in Hybris Commerce based on active campaigns targeted to the customer → Trigger remarketing campaigns for abandoned shopping carts → Marketing campaigns result in Leads, to be followed up by the sales representative 7SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce Solution Brief for Wholesale Distribution The Path to Transformation As the wholesale distribution business continues its transition into a world where the buyer is hyper-connected, businesses will need to find ways to remain constantly engaged with buyers. Customers will conduct extensive research and compare products and prices as well as sharing experiences through a variety of digital touch- points. To get there you must be sure to both digitize and transform. It is no longer enough to implement point solutions – those that fill one need of the organization – e-commerce, for example, is just one view of the customer’s digital interaction and experience with your firm. In order to fully realize the potential of the new connected customer, you must transform your entire business model across all touch points: sales, service, commerce and marketing. Further, the customer should be able to dictate the service level – from self-service to full service. No matter the level of service or channel they choose – phone, desktop, smartphone or app – the firm that wins the heart of the customer has transformed itself to support the choices of the individual. About SAP Hybris SAP Hybris enables businesses to transform how they engage with customers, innovate how they do business, and simplify their technology landscape. With a comprehensive approach to customer engagement and commerce, our solutions unlock opportunities to optimize your customers’ experience and transform your business. We help you drive relevant, contextual experiences across all of your customer touch-points in real-time, so that you can create strong differentiation and build competitive advantage in the Digital Economy. SAP Hybris has helped some of the world’s leading organizations transform themselves in response to changing market conditions and customer expectations – delivering exceptional experiences, adding new channels, evolving their business models, and entering new markets. How can we help you? Explore SAP Hybris solutions today. For more information, visit © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. 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