Professional Series Headlamp

Coast Sized

COAST (Portland, OR) takes portable, hands-free lighting to a new level with the XPH30R Professional Series headlamp. Rechargeable, durable, and ultra-bright, the XPH30R solves lighting challenges for a wide array of work situations.

The XPH30R offers multiple functional applications. In its main use as a headlamp, it features an aluminum body that rolls up and down in its bracket for dynamic directional lighting. And for additional utility, the headlamp body also easily detaches from the reflective head-strap and mounting bracket to become a versatile handheld flashlight with an integrated magnetic tail cap for attachment to metallic surfaces, such as tailgates and pipes.

COAST-patented Pure Beam focusing technology delivers variable lighting capability with seamless transitions between flood beam and spot beam, plus four output options: medium, high, low, and COAST’s mega-bright Turbo Mode at 1000 lumens.; 888-533-9591