Lawson Products' New Hose & Fitting System Increases Efficiency And Safety

To combat the challenges of old-school heavy rubber hoses, Lawson Products is now offering a Barb-Lok Hose System that is perfect for low-pressure pneumatic applications, and compatible with fuel, lubricating oils and water.

CHICAGO — Maintenance, repair and operations engineers and technicians from automotive, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and many other industries require easy to use, efficient and safe hose and fitting solutions to convey liquids, solids and gasses. They cannot afford improper hose and coupling selection or assembly that often result in leakage, spraying, end blow-offs and other situations that may cause serious injury and property damage. Time is of the essence as performance and profitability are negatively impacted with dated and inefficient hose and fittings.

Old school heavy rubber hoses requiring crimped ferrules or hose clamps are cumbersome. Engineers and technicians using this dated combination spend unnecessary time attaching ferrules with special tools and are burdened with carrying large rolls of heavy hose. In addition, work environment safety is compromised with the danger of hose clamps that may catch or cause injury as the hose is moved.

To combat these challenges and increase efficiency and safety, Lawson Products is now offering a Barb-Lok Hose System. Perfect for low-pressure pneumatic applications, the Barb-Lok Hose System is also compatible with fuel, lubricating oils and water.

The Barb-Lok Hose System saves engineers and technicians time on assemblies with the matched system of hose and fittings that requires no special tooling. The lightweight Barb-Lok hose features internal construction that tightly grips barbs for sealing and fitting retention, eliminating the need for crimping, hazardous clamps and special tooling. It is also more oil and abrasion resistant. The Barb-Lok hose is reinforced with a single fiber braid and is available in 250-foot reels or in 50-foot lengths, ideal for custom assemblies. The Barb-Lok fitting features a brass collar that is more durable than the industry standard yellow plastic collar. Its lower profile doesn’t protrude which means no snagging and ease of use, as well as a safer work environment.

Here is what some of Lawson Products' many customers using the Barb-Lok Hose System have to say about how it is helping them get the job done.

  • “We were using a wire braid hose that was extremely rigid and hard to use in tight areas. Lawson’s Barb-Lok Hose System is lighter and the flexibility of the hose makes running and routing easier. We also appreciate the time saved with the push to connect versus use of clamps."   — Fleet Maintenance Repair Company on the West Coast with 40 Trucks
  • “We use Lawson’s Barb-Lok System to convey air. Since using Barb-Lok we have decreased downtime for repairs. Another benefit is the safety factor. We have less risk of hand injuries without the use of hose clamps.” — Large Manufacturing Company in Wichita, Kansas
  • “We recently built a new facility and purchased six reels of Barb-Lok hose plus fittings. Our entire shop uses the Barb-Lok System to convey air.” — Sizeable Agricultural Dealership

A typical industrial hose is dragged, coiled, run over, kinked and subject to a variety of other types of abuse dependent on the environment. Pneumatic fittings must prevent leakage and be resistant to chemical corrosion. Brass is strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. It is perfect for pneumatic systems because of its machinability and its excellent performance properties.

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