Zilliant Goes Mobile With B2B SalesMax App

The new mobile app helps B2B sales reps deliver more organic revenue growth.

AUSTIN, TX Zilliant, an optimization company that helps businesses make better pricing and sales decisions, recently announced the launch of a new, native mobile application for SalesMax, giving B2B sales reps better on-the-go access to opportunities for organic revenue growth.

SalesMax is a predictive sales application that identifies wallet-share expansion and recovery opportunities in a B2B company’s existing customer base and prioritizes them as actionable opportunities for sales reps. The native mobile application, which is part of SalesMax OnDemand, will enable sales reps to access, disposition and comment on the opportunities from their tablets and smartphones. The application identifies which customers have the highest potential for wallet-share growth, which additional products those customers are most likely to purchase, and which customers are at risk of defection. Within seconds of using the application, sales reps can quickly understand where to prioritize their sales calls and product discussions.

The mobile app includes several key features to find and manage revenue opportunities on the go, including the ability for sales reps to search for and prioritize opportunities, disposition those opportunities at the product-line level, plot customer accounts on a map, and access related customer news that may affect the success of the sale. All mobile revenue opportunities, tasks and actions are synchronized with the web-based SalesMax OnDemand application and are visible to sales management for better, real-time reporting and tracking.

Companies using SalesMax typically see an increase in revenue of five percent or more from reduced churn and increased wallet share. SalesMax is the only application that can analyze a company’s entire book of business to identify and predict actionable cross-sell and retention applications.