Flexibility Of Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Box Facilitates Installation

The product provides contractors with an option for floor outlets that are clean and aesthetically pleasing.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Box from Thomas & Betts (T&B) features an adjustment screw that flush-mounts the box at depths from zero to 1 ¾ inches, making installation quicker and easier.

“The Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Box is ideal for residential and home-office applications,” said Chad Smith, vice president, product management and engineering at Thomas & Betts. “It can be used in new work and retrofits, and is available in single-gang and double-gang configurations. We have provided contractors with an option for floor outlets that is clean and aesthetically pleasing.”

Covers are available in white or ivory non-metallic material, brass and stainless steel; metallic covers include a light lacquer finish for extra protection. Each cover has two non-removable hinged doors that not only protect the unused devices from dust and scrub water, but also prevents the doors from being lost or misplaced when the devices are in use.

Double-gang Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Boxes are dual service with the use of a dual-service divider, and offer a 34-cubic-inch capacity. Single-Gang Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Boxes include a duplex receptacle and offer a 20-cubic-inch capacity. Both configurations feature integral cable clamps.

 The Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Box complies with Section 314.27(B) of the National Electric Code (NEC) and is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and scrub water tested.

For more information about the Carlon Adjust-A-Box Floor Box from Thomas & Betts, please visit www.tnb.com and look for “Carlon” on the "Brands" tab.