Nightstick Takes Lighting Solutions To The Xtreme

Nightstick introduces the XL Dual-Light lineup.

WYLIE, Texas — Nightstick delivers its brightest Dual-Light flashlight-floodlight combo to date — taking sight and safety to a whole new level.

The NSR-9924XL and NSR-9944XL are the newest editions to the Nightstick line of dual-lights and the first within the duty/personal-size category. Both come with a sharp-focused LED flashlight that utilizes a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector designed for distance illumination, paired with a second, unfocused LED floodlight for close-up task illumination. Users now have the exclusive ability to use these two lights (once only available for use individually) independently or simultaneously in one dual-light product. The flashlight body switch or tail switch provides momentary or constant-on functionality, as well as a set of user-selectable high, medium, or low-brightness settings that also includes a disorienting strobe.

Using the flashlight, which is powered by a CREE LED rated at 650 lumens, users will experience a usable beam rated at 275 meters (902 feet). Such focused illumination provides the ability to see more at a greater distance. The floodlight provides users with a wide, even, unfocused light rated at 600 lumens, making it possible to see and do more up-close, and eliminating intense high-lumen bounce-back. In dual-light mode, users get the best of both worlds with 650 lumens while removing the need to carry two separate products.

To view more Nighstick products, visit its company website here.