Rotary Screw Air Compressor

In addition to lower overall installation costs, the low sound level results in a safer work environment- no hearing protection required . . .


Wayne, PA - Gardner Denver has once again advanced the small HP rotary screw air compressor market with the new Apex Series. Featuring a dBA range of 67 to 70, the Apex Series offers performance and reliability that you demand delivered by a simple and proven Industrial design.

  • Designed for Belt Drives - Thanks to the bearing and pulley design of the E3+, radial load to the bearings from belt tension is minimized. This ultimately results in extended airend life. 
  • Less Components - Fewer Components mean fewer wear items resulting in lower overall lifecycle costs. In addition, the opportunity for internal leaks is diminished thanks to a lower number of sealed connections.
  • Robust - This industrial grade airend includes a cast iron shell and radial / axial load bearings resulting in a long life even in the harshest of applications.
  • Efficient - The rotor profile and lobe combination of the E3+ is optimized for minimal air leakage. This results in more air using less power; making the E3+ one of the most efficient airends of its size.

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