Next-Generation Hands Free Hygiene

The system lets customers create a customized, hygienic and sustainable washroom for any facility, anywhere . . .


Next-Generation MOD Dispensing System Delivers High-Capacity, Hands-Free Hygiene Benefits in Sleek, Modern Design

Roswell, GA – No two facilities are exactly alike, so why should their washrooms be the same? To meet the diverse needs of office buildings, schools, healthcare, manufacturing, high-traffic and other facilities, Kimberly-Clark Professional* has introduced the MOD* Dispensing System – the first hand towel system that can be modified to meet a facility’s specific hand-drying needs. The system lets customers create a customized, hygienic and sustainable washroom for any facility, anywhere; combines touchless technology with the bacteria-reducing benefits of drying with a paper towel, offers the highest-capacity hard roll towel system on the market with a “power-assist” setting that delivers the longest battery life available today. The MOD Dispensing System is the latest addition to The Healthy Workplace Project* and The Healthy Schools Project* – two programs designed to help stop the spread of germs. The superior hand hygiene benefits of the MOD System support the programs’ “Wash, Wipe and Sanitize” protocol, which helps reduce illness-causing germs on hands and surfaces.

The key offerings in the MOD Dispensing System are:

  • A SCOTT® Hard Roll Towel that delivers 1,150 feet of towels – the highest capacity towel system on the market today – and a KLEENEX® Brand 700-ft. offering. The high capacity and stub roll features of these dispensers reduce both waste and cost, leading to fewer change-outs.  

  • A versatile electronic touchless skin care dispenser that is available with KLEENEX Brand skin care options, including a full complement of foam skin cleansers and instant hand sanitizers.

In keeping with the Kimberly-Clark Professional Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow* approach to sustainability, the MOD Dispensing System was designed to reduce consumption across the entire product lifecycle.

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