Continental Investing $9.3M At Nebraska Industrial Hose Plant

Continental is investing $9.3 million to expand the rubber mixing operations at its industrial hose plant in Norfolk, NE, which is nearing 40 years old.

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NORFOLK, NE — Technology company Continental has announced a $9.3 million expansion of the rubber mixing operations at its industrial hose plant in Norfolk, NE, to accommodate its North American manufacturing facilities by providing rubber for industrial hoses and whitewall tires for passenger cars.

“We have plans to add in excess of 19,000 square feet to expand our rubber mixing capabilities and better serve our internal and external customers,” said Dan Granatowicz, plant manager. “We anticipate that the expansion will enable us to add in excess of 30 associates. The investment will also reaffirm our commitment as a good corporate citizen to the Norfolk community and the region as we secure jobs and support the economies of each.”

The Northeast Nebraska plant, less than 40 years old, currently employs slightly more than 360 associates. Granatowicz said that construction work will begin immediately and be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2019. The facility primarily manufactures industrial hose and supplies compound for a variety of applications such as general purpose air and water, garden, mining, petroleum, steam and welding hose. The new mixing operations also will enable the plant to supply compound for product-specific whitewall Continental passenger tires.