EDGE Investment Partners Completes First Acquisition in Brazil

Ladder is an authorized distributor for Belden, Cognex, Comtrol, Data-Linc Group, Fluke, Panduit, ProSoft Technology, Rockwell Automation and others . . .

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LADDER AUTOMAÇÃO of Sao Paulo to give EDGE a foundation for growth in Latin America

EDGE Investment Partners LLC has acquired a majority interest in LADDER AUTOMAÇÃO INDUSTRIAL LTDA which operates primarily in the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Ladder is an authorized distributor for Belden, Cognex, Comtrol, Data-Linc Group, Fluke, Fluke Networks, Panduit, ProSoft Technology, Rockwell Automation, Rockwell Software, Shimpo and Tektronix.

The LADDER headquarters in Sao Caetano do Sol, the branch locations in Sao Jose dos Campos and Sorocaba and the Rio de Janeiro branch are included in the acquisition. Additional branch locations will be considered as a part of the growth plan for the business.

Speaking on behalf of the EDGE members, Elaine Gerrie, CEO of Gerrie Electric elaborated, “We are excited to have LADDER to be the first EDGE company partner. They have a strong team which in combination with support from the EDGE members creates the foundation for tremendous growth.”

EDGE Investment Partners is a Limited Liability Corporation developed and owned by a group of North American based distributor members. The focus of EDGE, an acronym for Electrical Distribution Global Enterprise, is to build a network of distribution company partners outside of North America.

As the industrial market in Brazil continues to grow, the demand is increasing for electrical distributors to fill the supply chain and technical value-add needs of customers. The EDGE members have significant experience that can accelerate the capabilities of potential partner companies like LADDER to serve those needs.

The founding members of EDGE are French Gerleman Electric Company, Gerrie Electric Wholesale International Inc., Horizon Solutions LLC, Kendall Electric Inc., Kirby Risk Corporation, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, North Coast Electric Company, Revere Electric Supply Company, The Reynolds Company, Van Meter Industrial Inc. and Werner Electric Supply Company.