Webinar: Simulate Warehouse & Distribution Operations For Efficiency

Participants will learn the difference between a simple “flow rate” model of handling and storage in an idealized situation, and actual system behavior . . .

The Distribution Roundtable Offers Webinar on Simulation of Warehouse & Distribution Operations to Verify Efficiency & Ensure Optimal Design
25-year Industry Veteran Gives Real-World Examples of Simulation Projects

Carlstadt, NJ – May 22, 2012 – The Distribution Roundtable, a LinkedIn Group offering events dedicated to providing an educational forum and encouraging communication among distribution professionals in the consumer goods industry, announces a webinar entitled, “Using Simulation to Verify the Efficiency of Your Distribution Systems.”
“Often material handling systems are installed without checking whether the equipment will meet your needed throughput rates and customer service level requirements,” said John Niemeyer, Marketing & Sales Coordinator at W&H Systems, a material handling systems integrator and sponsor of this event. “We suggest clients use simulation to ensure the efficiency of their distribution operations will run at its best.”
In this webinar, participants will learn the difference between a simple “flow rate” model of material handling and storage devices in an idealized situation, and actual system behavior driven by the complex flows and interactions of order components driven by actual control system logic under complete and realistic conditions. A real-world example of simulation projects for complex, high-volume distribution facilities will be reviewed and provide details on how simulation was key to the design and successful start up.
Randall Gibson, Managing Director at Diamond Head Associates, is a 25-year veteran of the warehousing and distribution industry will be giving the presentation at the webinar. He has expertise in supply chain design and analysis and founded 3 technology consulting firms in the areas of real-time process control computer, automated manufacturing/material handling, simulation modeling of industrial and business processes, and supply chain analysis and improvement.
Attendees to the Distribution Roundtable’s upcoming webinar will learn how to:
•    Validate the overall material handling system design ensuring it will meet specific throughput and service level requirements.
•    Quantify the appropriate type, number, and configuration of material handling components and software control rules necessary to meet design objectives.
•    Quantify staffing level requirements and understand the impact of operator errors
•    Identify unknown dependencies within a particular design that can only be seen through the dynamic modeling of order volume within the anticipated material flow path and targeted equipment rates.
•    Optimize the final design by highlighting opportunities to “tweak” the design in order to keep the system balanced over the range of throughput fluctuations.
Webinar Date & Time: June 21st, 2012 at 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Sign up today as space is limited. Register on the LinkedIn Distribution Roundtable Group or by clicking here.
About The Distribution Roundtable
The Distribution Roundtable is a LinkedIn Group offering events dedicated to providing an educational forum and encouraging communication among distribution professionals in the consumer goods industry.  It is the goal of our events to expose its registrants to a variety of industries that utilize a broad spectrum of material handling technologies and methodologies in an effort to expand both personal and professional horizons.  To do so, we offer webinars on important industry trends and the roundtable events, which include a tour of an exemplary warehouse operation followed by a lunch/dinner presentation with a prominent guest speaker.
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W&H Systems, one of America’s most experienced integrators of automated material handling systems, specializes in optimizing the flow of merchandise through warehouses while minimizing labor and maximizing space utilization. Our wide range of equipment utilized in our material handling systems includes conveyor systems, warehouse control systems, high-speed carton and unit sortation, AS/RS, GOH systems, paperless picking and packing systems, other commodity equipment and specially designed equipment which complements our material handling system designs. By providing the “Total Solution” (needs assessment, design, software, equipment, implementation, commissioning and support), W&H insures innovative solutions today, for tomorrow’s requirements. W&H has vast experience serving manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and logistic providers for the consumer goods industries, such as Oriental Trading Company, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Burberry USA, Empire Merchants, Recreational Equipment, Inc., Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Armani Exchange, and Belk’s.  For more information, visit www.whsystems.com.