Osborn Announces New Branding for a Unified Identity

All divisions are now one group, all under the leadership of Dr. Florestan von Boxberg, president of Osborn . . .

Cleveland, OH - Osborn, the global leader in surface treatment solutions and finishing tools, announces its new brand identity. The new branding was developed to unify the company's multiple divisions and create a focused, strategic approach in the marketplace.

The new brand identity encompasses all elements of the company's identity, from its positioning statement and website, to its internal communications and its integrated corporate database SAP system. It is exemplified by its new tagline, "Osborn. Finish. First." Osborn's new branding emphasizes the 125 years of industry leadership, as well as tested and proven products that give customers a reason to ask for Osborn by name. The company offers more than 3,000 precision-crafted surface treatment and finishing tools combined with forward-thinking innovative solutions for finishing.

The rebranding effort was officially launched in early 2012, and is being integrated over the course of a year. Prior to this effort, different divisions of the company were operating separately, and in many cases, duplicating efforts. With a philosophy of 'one Osborn, one team,' all divisions are now one group, all under the leadership of Dr. Florestan von Boxberg, president of Osborn.

"The new brand identity will not only present a focused identity to the industry, but it will eliminate unnecessary efforts, creating a more efficient and focused company that answers to one leader and has unified goals in place," said Luis Hereza, vice president, marketing at Osborn. "Delivering exceptional performance in everything we do at Osborn is the company's primary mission. From the tools we make, to the solutions we deliver, the service we provide and the culture we create, everything translates to giving our customers optimal results."

"Whether it is brushes, buffs or compounds, for more than 125 years, the Osborn brand stands for quality, innovation, excellence and service," said David Westgate, president and chief executive officer of Jason Inc., the parent company of Osborn. "Osborn is truly an industry leader, with more patents on products and processes than all other brush companies combined."

About Osborn

Osborn is the world's leading supplier of surface treatment solutions and high-quality finishing tools for hundreds of industrial and commercial applications such as metal finishing, honing and surface polishing. Founded in 1887, Osborn now includes operations in 15 countries and serves customers in more than 100 countries. A unit of Jason Inc., Osborn carries more than 10,000 standard products and more than 100,000 customized solutions to serve a diverse group of customers and industries. For more information, visit www.osborn.com <http://www.osborn.com> .