Dow Corning Awards Krayden, Inc. Distributor of the Year

The winner of this annual distributor award is selected based on criteria including new product promotion, identification and development of customer solutions

Dow Corning Awards Krayden, Inc. Distributor of the Year 2011

Krayden, Inc., a Dow Corning Distributor of Adhesives and Sealants for North America, has been named “Dow Corning Electronics America Distributor of the Year,” for the fourth consecutive year. The award represents Krayden’s exceptional performance in the distribution of engineered materials used in electronics manufacturing, Dow Corning announced in February.

The top distributors in the market vie competitively for the prestigious award annually, and view the recognition by Dow Corning as an industry-wide benchmark for achieving the highest distribution standards, having a technically knowledgeable staff, and demonstrating a customer-focused philosophy of service that mirrors the mutual goals of the supplier. Having earned this award for the fourth consecutive year represents Krayden’s consistently strong partnership, communication, commitment and shared goals in the supplier-distributor relationship.

Dow Corning Electronics’ Channel Manager Lori S. Arthur explains the purpose of the award: “Dow Corning selects an elite group of distribution partners to create stronger customer relationships and to achieve higher expectations. The winner of this annual distributor award is selected based on criteria including new product promotion, identification and development of customer solutions, value-added services, business-to-business excellence and financial performance.”

Krayden, Inc.’s success in winning this award over multiple years is a result of the company’s clear vision of investing in technically focused, empowered, motivated people who are dedicated to a common purpose: to “SERVE THE CUSTOMER” while nurturing strong supplier relationships. The company-wide commitment to this simple yet all-inclusive core value of serving the customer is directly supported by its compensation structure that rewards employees for meeting customer service goals. The distributor’s accomplishments in customer service are further evidenced by what customers have to say…

According to one Krayden, Inc. customer, the company has proven to be an outstanding distributor as a result of its focus on creating “a solid relationship where we can put our faith in efficient solutions, on-time delivery and competitive pricing for current and developing product lines.” The customer has worked with Krayden, Inc. since 1996, and uses Dow Corning products for PCB seals and mechanical seams. He explains, “Our local Krayden, Inc. office often goes the extra mile to help customers in need of quick solutions and deliveries. 

Another client that produces circuit boards and purchases many Dow Corning products through Krayden, Inc. said that he chose the distributor due to its prices and ability to stock the right product solutions. He continues to work with Krayden, Inc. due to his great relationship with an outstanding salesperson, and because of his ability to maximize his inventory dollars better than with other distributors.

When Wayne Wagner, President of Krayden, Inc., was asked what is necessary to continue the same performance into the future after receiving this award for four years, he replied, “As anyone in the company will tell you (in fact, last week the staff said it for me at the end of our meeting): We must ‘Serve the Customer.’ With this focus, we will always remain grounded, diligent and continue to look for ways to serve the customer better.” 

We asked some of the staff what this award means to them and here were a few of the replies: 

“Synergy and technical-based support is the key for success in representing a vendor’s line of high-technology products such as Dow Corning’s. When the relationship among the outside distributor sales team, distributor purchasing and the distributor customer service team is constantly at an optimum level, then the opportunities to grow increase exponentially.”

– Rick Malhiot, Krayden, Inc. sales representative for Dallas / Ft. Worth

“Receiving this award for four consecutive years is a significant achievement. I take pride in being a member of the team that has accomplished this recognition. This accomplishment is a measure of the professionalism of the Krayden group, and not only how we represent Dow Corning, but how we represent all of our manufacturers, and the level of service and technical support that we provide to our customers.”

– Robert Catardi, Krayden, Inc. sales representative for the Chicago area 

“I think it is a testimony to the dedication and teamwork of the entire company.  I am proud to discuss our continuing recognition as a top Dow Corning distributor with customers and prospects.”

– Steve Meisel, Krayden, Inc. sales representative for the Mid Atlantic area

“To me this means that Krayden, Inc. has employees geared towards the same goal of “customer service” who can work together year after year to meet and exceed not only our own expectations, but those of our manufacturers.”

– Candida Macias, accounting department member in Denver, Colorado