NetPlus Alliance Adds Four New Product Suppliers

NetPlus Alliance welcomed four new suppliers to the group: Eagle Pro Industrial Tools, Diamond Products, Knipex Tools, and Komelon USA.

Lockport, NY - NetPlus Alliance, a buying and marketing group for industrial and contractor supplies distributors, is pleased to welcome new suppliers, Eagle Pro Industrial Tools, Diamond Products, Knipex Tools, and Komelon USA, to the group.

Eagle Pro Industrial Tools is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic tools for industrial applications.  These tools are manufactured with consistent observation of administration, management, manufacturing and production control, resulting in reliable and dependable high quality products that you can count on every time. For more information, visit

Diamond Products is one of the largest manufacturers of diamond tools in the United States. Their product offering includes diamond tools, abrasive grinding wheels, sawing, drilling, and grinding equipment. Visit them online at

Knipex Tools is the largest manufacturer of professional quality pliers in the world, producing up to 65,000 pliers per day. “[Knipex] joining NetPlus Alliance allows their distributor members to provide the broadest product offering of professional pliers to their customer base,” said Todd Shumate, VP of Sales. Visit for details.

Komelon USA isa tape measure manufacturer, warehousing high inventory levels to ensure fast and accurate shipments while providing superior customer service. Their product offering includes measuring tapes, measuring wheels, and pruning saws. To learn more, visit

Founded in 2002, NetPlus Alliance brings industrial and contractor supplies distributors of all sizes together to improve net profit, share best practices, and open doors to new opportunities. NetPlus Alliance leverages the group power and volume from 380 distributors to negotiate rebate programs with a broad selection of industrial and contractor supplies manufacturers and wholesalers. For additional information, contact Zach Brado at (716) 438-2014 or visit