‌Diamond‌ ‌Single‌ ‌Layer‌ ‌Superabrasive‌ ‌Wheels

Norton Winter Ironclad 300dpi

WORCESTER, MA — Saint-Gobain Abrasives, one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, announced the introduction of its new patent-pending Norton Winter Ironclad Diamond Single Layer Superabrasive Wheels that achieve maximum material removal for increased productivity, especially when used in automated grinding cells. Featuring the strongest and most durable bond on the market, Ironclad wheels finish up to 50% more parts per wheel compared with electroplated wheels. Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels are a superior solution for ductile and grey cast iron applications such as fettling and snag grinding on casting gates, parting lines, sprues, and more.

Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels offer several additional benefits including reduced downtime due to longer wheel life which extends time between setups. There is less bluing of castings even towards the end of the wheel life. Promoting a cleaner, healthier work environment, the new wheels generate significantly less dust and odor compared with traditional bonded wheels.

No wheel dressing is required and the rigid steel hub reduces vibration during CNC grinding. A known grinding wheel location facilitates easier programming, and a rigid steel hub reduces vibration resulting in consistent wheel dimensions and minimal wheel wear.

All Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels are made to order to meet precise requirements. The wheels are available in a variety of profile shapes and wheel sizes suitable for a range of grinding cast iron parts.