The Quest For Efficiency Is Always Ongoing

Enhanced data management and inventory control and improved customer service are just some of the ways technological advancements have benefitted one New-York-based distributor over the years.

Greenhill Industrial Supply built its business by providing friendly, dependable service to a local customer base in Bronx, NY. Since the 1930’s, Greenhill has evolved into a distributor of hand and power tools, fasteners, hardware and other building and mainenance supplies to contractors, institutions, hospitals and other businesses in the boroughs of New York.

After Lenny Gamss bought the business in 1987, he began introducing new technologies to help the company operate more efficiently. In 2000, he decided they had outgrown his home-grown computer system and needed a more sophisticated and comprehensive business solution. Gamss went in search of a software system that would combine their inventory, purchsing, customer and sales history, receivables and other data critical to running a distribution company. He chose  DDI System and realized immediate efficiencies and process improvements.

“Our switch to DDI System’s distribution-centric software made us more efficient. Enhanced data management and inventory control, automated credit card processing and improved customer service are just some of the ways technology benefits our company,” said Lenny Gamss.

Today, Lenny has upgraded his company once again to DDI’s window-based inform distribution software. Together with his son, Jeff, they are taking advantage of the latest in technology and the integrated innovations that DDI offers on a continued basis.

Automatic inventory notifications, multiple vendor listings, and inventory receiving are just a few of the features Greenhill Industrial Supply quickly adopted.

“Every other day, I receive an automatic email with a critical inventory report attached,” Lenny says. “I can quickly scan the report to see whether any of the items need to be ordered.” Greenhill has realized significant cost reduction with multiple vendor data. They can easily shop around for the best price prior to ordering.

In addition to purchasing, they have seen significant improvements to their receiving process. According to Lenny, “My home-grown system did not have a place for me to do receiving. Now, we receive everthing as it comes in and the system is updated immediately. Our guys can easily find any back orders and process them.”

Automated Credit Card Processing

Approximately 50% of Greenhill’s business is walk-in trade. When contractors send a driver to pick up supplies they need for that day’s jobs, they want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

DDI’s automated credit card processing eliminates the need for orders to be entered into multiple systems. Jeff states, “Our use of the electronic signature capture for deliveries and point-of-sale saves us a tremendous amount of time and paperwork.” Greenhill no longer needs to duplicate work and can easily show proof-of-deliveries with a single customer signature.

Improved Customer Service

“Customers have noticed a difference in our ability to provide them faster service. They notice improved ease-of-operation at the point-of-sale. My guys can find SKU’s a lot quicker and they’re willing to use it more than they ever were.”

With access to historical purchase data, order-takers can quickly review a customer’s purchase history over the phone and make purchase suggestions. Greenhill’s ability to obtain this information by salesperson, geographic location, and more allows them to detect patterns and take advantage of new sales opportunities. If Lenny sees customers in Manhattan using a particular cleaning product, he might stock up on that item and develop a special price offer for his salespeople to take to the streets. Creating these promotions in time to take advantage of market opportunities has generated more sales and contributed to their business growth.

Greenhill is also taking advantage of inform’s integrated customer management tools sending personalized email notifications to their customers.

Building Lasting Success

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits Greenhill has realized has been the ability to grow the business without dramatically adding employees. “As the company has grown, we have not had to add a lot of staff. The system helps us streamline.”

Moving from a home-gown system to DDI’s inform software has made Geenhill Industrial Supply a stronger business. With each upgrade, they are able to find more efficient ways to operate. When asked if he has any regrets, Lenny’s response is simple “The only regret is not making the move sooner.”

The combination of distribution managment, point-of-sale and the latest technology in customer and sales managment create streamlined efficiencies that create and allow for growth without increasing personnel and overhead costs.

“Using the electronic signature capture for deliveries and point-of-sale saves us a tremendous amount of time and paperwork.”