Corporate Profile: Superior Abrasives

Superior Rotary Tools was founded in 1961 as a specialty abrasive convertor.  Based out of Dayton, Ohio the company mainly focused on specialty abrasive products such as cartridge rolls, square pads, cross pads and flap wheels.  Driven by the ingenuity of its workers, Superior Abrasives quickly built a reputation as provider of engineered metal working solutions.

The company flourished with the understanding that educating its staff as well as the consumer on the proper application of Superior branded products, was essential. Partnering with established and well respected vendors enabled Superior to forge longstanding relationships with loyal and valued distributors. In 1987, the company’s name was changed to Superior Abrasives Inc., a move that reflected the true spirit of their manufactured products.

The late 1990’s were an exciting time for Superior Abrasives.  The development and implementation of many new manufacturing processes were put into place.  One such breakthrough was the development of fully automated Quick Change production lines.  Being only one of four companies with high production capabilities gave Superior Abrasives the unique ability to market high quality but reasonably priced quick change discs.  This led to sales expansion as Superior increased market share both in North America and Europe.

In 2000, resolute in its efforts to continue leading the abrasive industry, Superior developed a vast non-woven program.  The benefits of non-woven products were already known throughout Europe; however, these techniques were not yet recognized here in the United States.  Superior determined that its responsibility lies in putting those tools and techniques in the hands of the American worker. To jumpstart this plan, Superior Abrasives implemented a training program focused on educating coworkers first, distributors second, and finally the consumer.

Superior's product lines target today's challenging gridinging, deburring, and polishing applications. These products include the Shur-Brite Surface Conditioning Quick Change Discs and Flap Discs; the Shur-Brite Finishing Satin Discs, Stripping Wheels & Discs, and Deburring and Metal Finishing products; and the Shur-Kut Coated Abrasives Flap Wheels, Bore Polishers, and Cartridge Rolls. Superior Abrasives also offers a full line of Weld-Working products, including Flap Discs and Cut-Off Wheels.

On November 1st, 2012 Superior Abrasives Inc., was acquired by the Rueggeberg Group, Germany, PFERD Inc., but remained an independent entity within the organization.  Now more than ever, Superior Abrasives LLC pledges to continue its goal to be the industry leader in metal working solutions.

Although many years have passed since Superior's humble beginnings, Superior Abrasives has never forgotten where its success came from; valued employees, the community it serves, excellent vendor partners, and most importantly, a loyal distributor base.