Corporate Profile: Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics has been producing the brightest and most durable spotlights in the industrial space since 1967. Magnalight serves the public as well with powerful lighting options for hunters, boaters and anyone needing a light they can depend on.

Larson Electronics was founded by Ernie Larson in 1973 and purchased the original Magnalight brand name and line of portable handheld lighting equipment from R&L Enterprises. Larson Electronics started out supplying high power magnetic mount and permanent mount spotlights and floodlights to the military, utilities, telephone and electrical power industries and has since expanded to provide a full line of lighting equipment to the federal, public, industrial and commercial sectors as well. Larson Electronics has since its inception become a leader in the industrial lighting industry and has serviced federal, state and local governments throughout the United States and Europe as well as the US Secret Service, US State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Larson Electronics manufactures and supplies a wide array of industrial and commercial grade lighting equipment and related accessories. Larson specializes in high grade explosion proof and intrinsically safe lighting fixtures, power supplies, power distribution substations, and related plugs, receptacles, and cords. They also provide an extensive array of general use work lights, area lights, equipment lighting, light towers, portable lighting and rechargeable lighting gear, constantly updating inventory to include new lighting technologies. Larson Electronics strives to offer a comprehensive variety of LED lights, LED light bars, infrared and ultraviolet LED lights, HID lighting including metal halide and high pressure sodium varieties, and specialty lighting gear designed for military and law enforcement use. As a manufacturer, Larson is able to provide custom lighting solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of just about any application, and takes great pride in the ability to help customers meet their specialized needs as well as service the products sold.

Larson Electronics' lighting equipment and industrial power supply products feature approvals and ratings from established and well regarded testing groups such as Underwriters Laboratories and are designed to provide extreme reliability and performance under demanding conditions. The line of equipment includes fixtures designed to stand up to the most abusive working conditions including mining operations, offshore oil platform applications, commercial fishing, military operations, first responder and emergency services, and locations where extremes of temperature and environments are routine. The HML series of spotlights are an integral part of the US Military’s escalation of force kits, and the lighting equipment has been deployed with great success during both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Since Larson Electronics is a manufacturer, they are able to provide their customers with equipment designed to meet their specific needs. Larson can prototype designs or modify much of their existing equipment based upon the specific needs of the customer, thereby providing them with lighting equipment capable of meeting or exceeding their requirements. Larson Electronics also has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and problem resolution and holds to a policy of supplying the best equipment possible and getting it to the customer fast. 

Larson Electronics's number one goal is to not only provide customers with the quality and service they’ve come to expect from an American company, but to exceed those expectations. Larson is extremely proud of its ability to adhere to a policy of offering products that are either Made in the USA or Buy American Compliant. The lighting equipment and related gear is of excellent quality, and utilizes high quality components and accessories such as extruded aluminum fixtures and CREE LEDs in order to ensure the best performance and reliability possible. Larson offers the ability to assist customers in the decision making process, thus helping them to obtain not only quality equipment, but the right equipment as well. Larson staff is readily available by phone, e-mail or fax, and carry a large inventory of in stock items, allowing same day shipping provided orders are received before 4:00pm. 

On a more local and personal level, Larson Electronics has been heavily active in charity and support of our community.  Larson Electronics is proud to say that they have a long history of supporting America's military service men and women as well as charitable events and organizations around the world. Larson Electronics has extensively donated to the recent war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan with shipments of heavy duty, high power spotlights and related gear to many US combat units in serious need of lighting equipment. Larson has also participated in organized civilian efforts to outfit military units with spotlights and searchlights by matching their purchases of our products with Larson's own donations. Some more recent activities have been the donating of lighting equipment to the Marines Helping Marines Foundation in support of their 4th annual fishing tournament, and the donation of LED spotlights to the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Malaysia in support of their efforts to relocate and protect endangered elephants.

Phone: 1-800-369-6671