Corporate Profile: InCom Distributor Supply

INCOM Distributor SupplySM represents a growing nationwide network of more than 500 Commercial Industrial Distributors supplying the MRO needs of the marketplace through an integrated system of ordering, sourcing, shipping, and invoicing. As the commercial/industrial division of Do it Best Corp., InCom® shares with the co-op a long-standing history of strength and stability combined with industry-leading efficiency.

InCom couples outstanding buying power with comprehensive tools that are fully customizable to meet member needs. Members have access to nearly 70,000 items, 90 percent of which are available one-each, through a network of eight strategically located U.S. distribution centers, plus an additional 1,000,000 items drop-shipped from more than 5,000 vendors. InCom provides its members with popular printed catalogs, as well as a wide range of marketing support tools, including flyers, line cards, a customizable website and advertising.

Streamlining sourcing through InCom Distributor Supply provides many benefits: strong operational support through the co-op, an additional profit source through annual rebates based on warehouse purchases, and enhanced buying power enable members to keep overhead low and stay cost-competitive while broadening product selection. Flexible options in shipping (members can drop-ship direct to customers) and billing (members enjoy flexible terms and consolidated shipping options) ensure that members can tailor their experience to the needs of their customers. With eight highly responsive distribution centers throughout the country, members get the products they need shipped same-day. And by consolidating purchases, members also increase their efficiency, saving time and money.

Phone: 866.704.6266