Power Transmission Distributor/Supplier Brewer Machine & Gear Joins IDC Marketplace

St. Louis-based Brewer Machine & Gear Co. — a supplier, distributor and fabricator of standard gear, sprockets — has joined IDC-USA's IDC Marketplace.

Known as the “original” line of universal tensioners, idlers, and positioners, Brewer Machine & Gear Co. was the first to establish a standard line of tensioners. Founded in 1944, Brewer stocks a wide variety of standard gear and sprockets and manufactures custom units — spurs, helicals, miters, bevels, worms, worm gears, timing pulleys, and sprockets — all to a customer’s specifications.

St. Louis, MO-based Brewer Machine & Gear Co. and IDC-USA are excited to announce a partnership that will bring a custom product selection to IDC Owner-Distributors via IDC Marketplace. Brian Kolman, President of Brewer Machine & Gear Co., states, “Brewer is excited to be part of the IDC Marketplace. It’s second-to-none in our industry, enabling independent distributors to service their customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

IDC-USA’s top priorities of 2018 include adding new IDC Preferred Supplier programs to IDC Marketplace that bring more benefits to its group of IDC-USA members. “We are constantly trying to improve our value proposition to both members and suppliers, and IDC Marketplace is the cornerstone of this effort,” asserted George Graham, President and CEO of IDC-USA. “We prioritize seeking out new supplier programs in order to add value and continuously offer more options for the independent distributor.”

Bob Boyle, Executive Vice President of IDC-USA, focuses on providing an expansive selection to IDC Marketplace: “By bringing Brewer Machine & Gear Co. to IDC Marketplace, IDC Owner Distributors are able to order a wider selection of custom units tailored to their individual needs,” he states. “Brewer Machine & Gear Co. is another partnership we have embraced that adds competitive selection to IDC Marketplace.”

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