Presented by editor Mike Hockett and sponsored by Epicor, see the first part of Industrial Distribution's 2018 Big 50 List video countdown, covering companies from No. 50 through 31 of the top distributors of industrial products.

Part 2, covering No. 30-11, will be posted Aug. 27, and Part 3 (top 10) will be posted Aug. 29.

The full Big 50 List will be posted in a concise, easy-reference format on Sept. 5, and will be featured in ID's Summer print edition that gets mailed to subscribers on Sept. 13.


All 2018 Big 50 List companies are ranked according to their most recent full-year worldwide sales, and all figures are reported in USD. In some cases, foreign currency was converted based on exchange rates at the date that fiscal year ended.

All Big 50 companies are based in North America. Some companies are headquartered elsewhere, but for our list, we only account for their North American operations.

We obtain information for publicly-traded companies based on their annual and quarterly reports, earning statements and company verifications. For privately-held companies, we rely on their self-reported data and follow-up communication. Recently published press releases, company website information and other news reports are also used to supplement company data for our Big 50 feature. The Big 50 interviews were conducted via email, survey and by phone by Industrial Distribution editorial staff.

We elect to refrain from listing any companies that don’t fit our criteria of an ‘industrial distributor’, which becomes more challenging each year as the market evolves. Some privately-held distributors elect to not share their revenue numbers, so for those companies, we make an educated estimate based on their most recently shared revenue figures and company news. There are several companies which we acknowledge would make our Big 50 List, but haven’t shared their revenue figures in more than five years, for which we elect to not place them on our list by pure speculation.

For those of you who don’t see your company name on our list, but think you should, please contact us with your information and we’ll consider adding your company to our Big 50 pool for 2019. As always, your feedback — good or bad — is appreciated.