Better Sales Prospects From Behavior Profiling


Innovative solution automatically generates Business Behavior Profiles and finds prospects that look and act like a company’s current customers

Boca Raton, FL Cortera, a provider of comprehensive business behavior data and insights on public and private companies, has launched Cortera Lookalikes™, automatically generated, high quality prospects that look and act like a company’s existing customers based on business behavior data and insights. Cortera Lookalikes™ automatically examines the behavior of an organization’s existing customers to generate a Business Behavior Profile — a model of how current customers look and act. This behavior-profile is then used to search the Cortera database of 20 million companies for lookalike companies and delivers a list of high quality prospects that look and act like existing customers—those that have the highest propensity to purchase a Cortera user’s products and services. For additional information and insight into each sales prospect, Cortera makes it easy to upload additional data elements and feeds them directly into existing CRM, ERP and other systems. This helps increase marketing conversion rates and sales closure rates by providing the relevant, business behavior data and insights needed to more effectively and efficiently score, prioritize, target and nurture the right sales opportunities.

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