Eye Protection for All-Day Wear

Brass Knuckle Spectrum Bkflex 4040 N Pr Image 3 8 21

Brass Knuckle (Cleveland, OH) recently unveiled their Spectrum line of eyewear that is focused on combating fogging lenses and an overall lack of comfort - the two main reasons that workers remove their eye protection. Features include:

  • N-FOG™ anti-fog lens protection. According to the company, it permanently bonds to the lens and will not wear or wash off.
  • Bowed, super-flex rubber temples that ratchet for custom fit. They touch the wearer only behind the ears, eliminating all pressure points.
  • A PivotEase™ nosepiece slides up and down and pivots on a hinge for added secure fit.
  • Traditional anti-scratch, anti-static, and UV protection properties.
  • Lens options that include clear for allowing maximum light transmission without changing or distorting vision or colors; smoke for allover tint for normal outdoor conditions; the amber lens sharpens contrast and provides greater clarity in low-light conditions. It also filters out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices.
  • Two mirror lens finishes are also available. The indoor/outdoor clear mirror lenses provide all-around tint for protection from the glare of bright artificial lighting and sunlight. The blue mirror also reduces glare.