CODA Digital Magnifier

CODA is a streamlined and easy-to-use system, designed to provide the ultimate in magnification simplicity for production, quality control, and other inspection applications. CODA combines a high definition 1080p resolution camera with Dazor’s patented and time-tested “floating arm”. This articulating arm allows the user complete control over orienting the HD camera into any desired position. CODA delivers direct-connect monitor viewing with high definition resolution. Images are viewed real-time at 60fps with no latency or delays in video streaming. A variety of quality lens options provide user selection of optical specifications given their intended application and workspace constraints. Thanks to CODA’s streamlined design, no longer is it necessary to clutter valuable benchtop real estate with a heavy boom stand or other weighted base.  CODA provides users with higher magnification power, a larger field of view, and a larger working area. Its applications include all inspection tasks, small component assembly, production, repairs, work visualization, and group training.  Payback from improved productivity, early defect identification, error reduction and worker comfort will be realized quickly with CODA.

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