New Coatings Conveyor Ground Test

The battery-operated conveyor ground test uses five steps to inform you whether items to be painted are sufficiently grounded.

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METAMORA, MI — TQC, a Paul N. Gardner Company, has introduced a new battery-operated conveyor ground test with five steps which inform you whether items to be painted are sufficiently grounded.

Especially designed for electrostatic coating applications. A poor ground of the pieces to be coated may result in a poor quality of the electrostatic coating work. Coating thickness may not be sufficient or the pieces may not be evenly covered. Consult your paint manufacturer or the supplier of your spray equipment for correct values.

Simply connect the cable crocodile clip to a known good earth point. Then point instrument to part to be painted, touching the bare metal surface. Press the button. Results are indicated through two green, one yellow and two red lamps. Clean instrument with a soft dry cloth. Use no detergents. Make sure the ground clamp and instrument tip are free of dirt as this may affect the results. To replace the battery, loosen the three screws at the side of the instrument and exchange battery. Then close the case and tighten the three screws. The instruments performance can be tested by touching the ground clamp with the metal tip of the instrument. One green LED should light up when the button is pressed.

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