Akro-Mils Website Now Features Interactive 360 Degree Images

With images now available for Arko-Mils' AkroBins, 4" Shelf Bins, Louvered Hanging Systems, Plastic Storage Cabinets and ProCart, viewers can rotate the image at their own pace to examine the product.

AKRON, OH — Akro-Mils, a North American provider of storage, organization and transport products, introduces new 360-degree rotating images to several product lines featured on its website at www.akromils.com.

Rotating images are now available for Akro-Mils’ AkroBins, 4” Shelf Bins, Louvered Hanging Systems, Plastic Storage Cabinets and ProCart. Page viewers can rotate the image at their own pace to examine the product. Check back for additional 360-degree images as they are added to the site.

See an an example of the new rotating images here