Mulch Blowing Hose From Flexaust


WARSAW, IN — A line of hose for bark mulch blowing that is flexible, lightweight, and more durable than conventional heavy-wall PVC hose and can be supplied in long lengths up to 100 ft. is available from Flexaust.

Flex-Tube PU Hose for bark mulch blowing is a coextruded polyurethane hose with a spiral ABS helix wear strip that is lighter, more durable, and easier to handle than conventional heavy-wall PVC hose. Designed to reduce worker fatigue, this flexible hose is offered in continuous lengths up to 100 ft. and can be supplied with optional swivel connectors to prevent twisting.

Featuring a smooth interior to facilitate material flow, Flex-Tube PU Hose for bark mulch blowing is clear and the yellow ABS helix drags easily across grass, stone, and brick surfaces. Available in 4”, 5”, and 6” dia. sizes, it operates over a -40°F to 200°F range for use early spring and late fall.

The swivel connector is cast polyurethane with a smooth, tapered interior.