Improvements Made To ErgoTranz Power Lifter/Transporter

Ergotech is introducing three new versions of the versatile ErgoTranz lift/transporter, made to address more material handling applications.

​ELMSFORD, NY — The Ergo Tranz by Ergotech Inc. is a versatile, adaptable and powerful lifting and transporting device for factory floors, warehouses, and many other kinds of work sites. Ergotech is introducing three new versions of the ErgoTranz lift/transporter that make it even more versatile, so that it can address more material handling applications.

The ErgoTranz is now available with a new multifunctional sliding boom and hook end effector. This structure helps to pick up material from boxes on floor level and transport loads up to 600 pounds. This easy to install and easy to use end effector can replace manual lifting or the use of bulky cranes.

This new Grip/Turn/Tip end effector is a great option for applications which require pouring of any kind, whether wet or dry substances. This end effector allows operators to lift, transport and pour loads with great accuracy and without operator strain. This option can support loads up to 200 pounds, and is already a success in many industrial  installations.

This new end effector extends the applications for the ErgoTranz in several ways.  First, the grip mandrel expander can grip and hold a roll of material from within the core of the roll. Second, this version offers a 90-degree pivot, which allows users to move rolls from a vertical to a horizontal position, and vice-verse. Third, it can also include an electric motorized push-off, making the entire lift/transport/placement operation fully mechanized.