Kett Tool Fiber-Cement Shear Virtually Eliminates Dust

Kett Tool's KD-1495 shear creates a cleaner work environment than circular saws, using a shearing action to greatly reduce harmful airborne dust.

CINCINNATI, Ohio Kett Tool promotes a healthy, clean working environment for contractors and installers with its KD-1495 Fiber-Cement Shear. The handheld shear quickly cuts fiber-cement siding and backer board up to five-eighths inch thick using a shearing action to greatly reduce harmful airborne dust.

“The traditional method of cutting cement board and siding with a circular saw generates a lot of airborne dust, which makes a mess and is potentially harmful if inhaled,” said Kathy Conlon, president of Kett Tool Company. “The KD-1495 Fiber-Cement Shear gives customers a fast and clean way to make these cuts.”

The KD-1495 features a powerful five-amp, variable speed motor capable of producing shear speeds up to 2,500 rpm to cut cement board and siding at 26 inches per minute. The adjustable shear head swivels 360 degrees to allow cuts at any angle. The tool is lightweight at 4.5 pounds, and has a cutting radius of 10 inches for maximum maneuverability. The rugged shear blades are made from A2 tool steel for a long lifespan, and are quickly replaced to reduce downtime on the job.

The KD-1495 Fiber-Cement Shear is available through authorized dealers. For more information or to locate a dealer, users can visit or call 513-271-0333.

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