Master Lock Introduces Professional Lockout Services To Help Facilities Stay Safety Compliant

The team brings years of experience at developing lockout programs for companies across all industries to help make any facility fully compliant.

MILWAUKEE — Master Lock has introduced Professional Lockout Services, a group of dedicated experts who provide customized assessment, development, written procedures and training for a Lockout program that can be tailored for any specific facility. The team brings years of experience at developing outstanding Lockout programs for companies across all industries to help make any facility fully compliant.

Master Lock’s Professional Lockout Services involves integration in several major areas:

  • Lockout Program Development: Master Lock’s accomplished team will assess a facility’s existing equipment and Lockout programs. Once the assessment is complete, the team will conduct a workshop to address site-specific details for the development of an updated Lockout program. A written summary document will serve as a blueprint for implementing a Lockout program.
  • Written Lockout Procedure Development: A five-step process to develop efficient and accurate Lockout procedures will address site-specific needs. Powered by Field iD Compliance Software, all results are delivered in both electronic and laminated hard copy form and ready for immediate implementation. The five-step process includes equipment and energy source integration; development of Lockout procedures; customer review and approval; Lockout placard printing and application; and staff training and management consultation.
  • Lockout Compliance Training: There are three training options available: One-hour onsite sessions for affected personnel; three-hour onsite training for authorized employees; and 24- hour training that involves both classroom and hands-on learning activities for management.
  • Inspection and Auditing Support: Master Lock’s comprehensive auditing services offer periodic on-site evaluations of the effectiveness and accuracy of the Lockout program.

Complimentary Field iD access is provided for one year of Lockout services. Master Lock Field iD is a mobile and web-based safety compliance software focused on increasing workplace safety, reducing liability and eliminating the hassles that come with paper-based safety management. Learn more about it at

For more information about Master Lock’s Professional Lockout Services, visit its webpage here or call (800) 604-9258 for a custom quote.