AutoCrib Unveils Three New Industrial Vending Solutions At IMTS

Innovative machines will enable customers greater flexibility in dispensing products, economizing shop floor space, and protecting assets.

CHICAGO — AutoCrib, Inc., an innovative manufacturer of automated inventory vending systems that have become the de-facto industry standard, unveiled this past Monday an enhanced product suite of industrial vending solutions at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), which took place Sept. 8–10 in Chicago. The company is showcasing a number of industry ‘firsts’ including: the new game-changing TX750 Vending System, featuring the first rolling dual tambour-style door that opens to any specified size to dispense standard and other maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) items with no repackaging required; AutoLocker FX, a flexible, easily configurable, and reconfigurable modular locker system with smart charging capabilities and management control for a company’s tools and technology assets; and the first object-recognition enabled Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)toelevate and store parts, equipment, and documents.


Continuing the company’s history of revolutionizing industrial vending, the TX750 is the first industrial vending device to feature a flexible, rolling dual tambour-style door specifically designed to dispense square boxes and other oddly-shaped items, with no repackaging required. 

Using a patented rectangular bin shelf system, the TX750 offers a 30 percent increase in capacity and virtually eliminates the vertical bin “height” waste associated with fixed-door machines. It also supports up to 900 bins in a very small footprint. For example, the TX750 rolling doors can open to as little as 2 inches and up to 60 inches, all within half-inch increments — enabling it to accommodate a vast range of inventory. The TX750 delivers further innovation with its clean user interface, which takes maximum advantage of the bin density and flexibility while allowing a user to easily configure the machine on the shop floor using a native bin assignment process that is quick and intuitive.  

AutoLocker FX

AutoCrib’s latest solution, AutoLocker FX, is an easily configurable and reconfigurable modular locker system that will safely store, track, monitor and even re-charge an inventory of laptops, tablets and other battery-operated power tools. The lockers can be configured to work with AutoCrib or other standard storage drawers for application across a number of settings and industries. To support each company’s unique storage needs, AutoLocker FX is available in 12 different sizes, ranging from 6 x 6 x 24 to 24 x 24 x 24 and can operate up to 126 lockers from one control.

Built on a patented sturdy frame, the AutoLocker FX eliminates locker flexing resulting from uneven plant floors and has built-in LED lighting to clearly illuminate each product. An indicator lighting system provides the status of each locker and the system automatically updates software on electronic devices and dispenses the item with the most-charged battery.


Freeing up valuable warehouse floor space, AutoCrib’s new Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), can reach a height of up to 40 feet with the option to ascend in 6-inch increments. Within the elevated racking systems, the VLM offers lifting and storage capacity of parts, equipment and supplies up to 500 pounds per tray. AutoCrib’s three standard VLM models ¾ VLM180, VLM240, VLM310 ¾ deliver the industry’s first object recognition capabilities integrated into a vertical lift system. The optional real- time tracking of objects works to record items as they are issued or returned to the storage tray. The module occupies a minimal footprint (5 feet 9 inches wide and 8 feet 3 inches deep) and the intuitive control system allows the operator to retrieve parts by tray, part number or description. AutoCrib VLMs are also useful in a variety of business applications because of the convenience and adaptability of trays to fit various sized-parts and files, including the storage and retrieval of valuable company documents.

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