Asphalt Anchor Rated at 2,000 Lb Pull Strength

Asphalt is a relatively weak surface, and care must be taken when installing structures to its surface . . .


BOLTHOLD SP™ Family  Of Anchors Are Especially Designed for Securely Mounting Structures to Asphalt

West Orange, NJ - The BOLTHOLD SP12 heavy-duty anchors are the newest addition to Asphalt Anchor’s line of unique fasteners. “When we successfully introduced our BOLTHOLD Anchor/Fasteners last Fall, many buyers asked for a product with an even higher pull-out strength”, said Dori Teich the company’s president. “In answer, our engineering designed and tested the new SP12 with a unique threaded tube body and top washer that provide up to 2,000 lb. (10KN) pull strength”, he continued. Asphalt is a relatively weak surface, and care must be taken when installing structures to its surface. This is particularly the case when the asphalt is less than 5” thick, as is the case in many parking lots and driveways. A significant increase in the installed anchor strength can be obtained from the gravel below the asphalt. The compacted gravel naturally resists sideways forces (shear). Bonding the length of the anchor to the gravel using grout adds resistance to pull forces on the anchor. The BOLTHOLD SP12 is constructed from galvanized steel. A thick-walled 14 mm tube is the body and backbone of the anchor. This tube is externally threaded to increase the pull out resistance of the anchor. Its bottom is flattened and sealed to act as a wedge when driving the anchor into the ground. The top incorporates a welded washer and is internally threaded to accept mounting bolts. This flush-to-the-surface washer prevents the anchor from dropping through the hole below the surface. The washer also prevents static pull forces on the anchor when the structure is attached. Such forces are likely if the head of the anchor is smaller than the hole in the base of the structure being attached; in the latter case, as the bolt is tightened, the anchor is pulled up into the base. The resistance of the installed anchors to extraction depends greatly on the nature of the asphalt and the gravel below it. The SP12 is pull-rated for 2,000 lb if installed using a 7/8” hole and with a recommend grout. At ground level, the installed anchors can resist at least 2,000 lbs. of shear force.

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