Tough Hauling Tasks Made Easier

Available in a variety of lengths and colors, there is a bungee for every taste and task.


With three new products from Just Ducky, The Perfect Bungee has evolved the typical bungee into a revolutionary tool for any application, heavy or light and their newest products, the flex-web, the loop end cord and The Perfect Tie Down take the concept even farther. When it comes to securing luggage to a luggage rack or a cooler to the back of an ATV, the flex-web can be trusted to do the job. By stringing several fixed end cords together via a central ring to create a 4, 6 or 8 arm “web” in two different lengths, the flex-web secures items such as suit cases and coolers of all sizes for safe travel. The loop end cord is a must-have for truck and trailer users. Perfect for hauling equipment and supplies for lawn care or construction sites, the loop end cord is the solution to a variety of hauling tasks. Whether the task is moving to a new house or taking a family road trip, the Perfect Tie Down is there to make the job easier. From furniture and appliances to bikes and lawn chairs, The Perfect Tie Down can securely hold all items with its easy-to-use design. Patented internationally, The Perfect Tie Down is made with high-strength thermo plastic with ¼” solid braided polyester rope. With a rated capacity of 350 pounds with 75 pounds of working capacity. Made with The Perfect Bungee’s super-strong, flexible polyurethane material that stretches to twice its original length, all products are made to last and even come with a lifetime guarantee. Not only are The Perfect Bungee’s products designed not to break, split or scuff, but they also withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone, and Mother Nature’s most extreme elements. Available in a variety of lengths and colors, there is a bungee for every taste and task.

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