NY Officials Order Saint-Gobain, Honeywell To Fund Groundwater Cleanup

The two industrial manufacturers have been implicated by the state of New York in the toxic contamination of drinking water in a the village of Hoosick Falls.

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New York environmental officials this week ordered two manufacturers to finance an investigation and cleanup of chemical contamination in Hoosick Falls.

The Department of Environmental Conservation sent a letter to Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics and Honeywell International demanding that the companies enter into binding agreements that would fund environmental remediation near the McCaffrey Street plant in the eastern New York village.

Regulators alleged that the companies used perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, at the factory for decades, which led to contaminated groundwater.

"We will hold all companies responsible for groundwater contamination and make sure they pay all costs associated with the investigation and remediation of the source of the problem as well as assuring a usable drinking water source," said DEC Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos.

PFOA was formerly used in a wide variety of manufacturing applications – particularly in the development of non-stick coatings – but it is also linked to serious health problems and was largely phased out under an agreement with regulators a decade ago.

DEC opened the investigation into the site four weeks ago after classifying the plant as a Superfund site.

Regulators noted that other parties could be added to the investigation. Should the parties refuse to voluntarily fund cleanup efforts, the state vowed to "use its full authority under the law to pursue all available legal remedies against the companies."

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