Turtle & Hughes Partners With Sunpreme Inc. To Offer Solar Panels

The bi-facial solar PV modules offer customers advanced functionality that maximizes energy yield and lowers system costs.

SAN FRANCISCO — Turtle & Hughes, one of the largest independent electrical distributors in North America – No. 27 on Industrial Distribution's 2015 Big 50 List – has announced a strategic partnership with Sunpreme Inc. to offer Bi-facial Solar PV Modules, the most technically innovative product available on the market.

With operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, Turtle & Hughes has been offering world-class distribution capabilities since 1923. 

"The solar market represents an exciting opportunity for growth and innovation in the ever-evolving power production frontier," said James Shanahan, President of West Coast Division at Turtle & Hughes. "Sunpreme brings a strong technical collaboration and professional customer support. By partnering with Sunpreme we are able to offer a truly technically advanced, and a high performance module at a competitive price,"

"We are offering a simple, yet powerful value proposition - the world's most advanced solar module technology wrapped into robust and flexible supply chain solutions," added Dan Pinshaw, Turtle & Hughes VP of Business Development. "We are extremely excited to work with Sunpreme and their customer-driven culture of technical excellence and innovation."

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Sunpreme Smart Bi-facial Solar PV Modules offer customers advanced functionality that maximizes energy yield and peak string level AC/DC of 0.95 using impedance matching technology. It also lowers system costs by increasing string length by up to 30 percent resulting in fewer BOS components. The Smart module components work together to communicate wirelessly through the gateway, allowing users to monitor system performance accurately in real time, while meeting the new NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown safety standards. The modules are double glass, frameless, aesthetically great looking, easy to install with innovative racking and mounting solutions, and feature 21.5 percent efficient Cells enabling 310W 60-cell and 370W 72-cell solar modules and a low thermal coefficient of -0.28 percent/C.

"We are privileged to be working with a premier distribution partner in making Sunpreme available to Turtle & Hughes' diverse customer base," said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President for Market Development, System Products, and Global Quality & Reliability at Sunpreme. "Turtle & Hughes presents us with a strategic downstream opportunity, and as one of its key partners, we have demonstrated a highly compelling offering that integrates the technologies, product reliability and most cost effective solar electricity solution. The Bi-facial technology allows the module to absorb light from both sides, increasing energy yield (kWh per kWp). Our carefully designed Bi-facial Module with advanced optimization solution further accelerates kWh yield and peak string level AC/DC ratio, and reduces installation time and complexity with fewer BOS components. Sunpreme has historically offered one of the most reliable products with innovative mounting solutions -- tested and certified to withstand the most challenging environmental solutions ranging from extreme hot to extreme cold, increased snow load and wind resistance, and coupled with one of the best power warranties in the industry. With these advantages, Sunpreme offers a complete and compelling value proposition -- to maximize project financial returns and its lifetime yield. We look forward to supporting Turtle and Hughes and Solar Industry with great products and elegant solutions," added Bedi.

Established in 1923, Turtle & Hughes is a fourth-generation family-owned electrical distributor with headquarters in Linden, New Jersey. Turtle & Hughes serves a diverse range of markets including Electrical Construction, Manufacturing & Industrial, OEM/MRO, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Renewables, and Global Export.  Additionally, www.turtle.com

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops and manufactures its proprietary HCT. Sunpreme provides the world's most powerful Bi-facial double glass frameless modules with STC outputs of 300W-500W based on a patented HCT platform. With 7 of top 10 rankings among thin-film PV products, Sunpreme solutions are deployed across the U.S., including Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaiian Islands, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Utah,Vermont, and worldwide.

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