Group Unveils Latest American-Made Holiday Shopping Guide

With three shopping weeks left before Christmas, check out the Alliance for American Manufacturing's 2015 Made in America Gift Guide, featuring at least one potential holiday gift from each of the 50 states, made in the U.S.

We are down to three weeks of shopping left before Christmas. To help, the Alliance for American Manufacturing has issued its 2015 Made in America Gift Guide.

The report features dozens of potential holiday gifts — including at least one from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia — made entirely in the U.S.

The 2015 list includes items from greeting cards (Birmingham, Alabama's Night Owl Paper Goods) to candy (Kimmie Candy, reshored from overseas to Reno, Nevada) to toys (Pennsylvania’s K’Nex).

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Larger gifts include jackets from Colorado's Fulsus USA, furniture from Connecticut's Hitchcock Chair Co. and Rhode Island-based Lucca + Dani jewelry.

"I know American-made options aren’t always available and sometimes take effort to find," wrote AAM President Scott Paul. "I just hope that you will do what you can."

Paul cited a 2012 report which found that $64 in holiday spending per consumer on American-made goods would translate into 200,000 new jobs.