New LED Material Could Dramatically Lower Production Costs

A new LED material saves on cost by requiring only one layer application, as opposed to the multiple players typically required for most LEDs, while maintaining efficiency.

A Florida State University engineer believes that a newly developed LED material could revolutionize lighting.

Most light emitting diodes require multiple layers of material in order to generate the desired blue, green or red light. The material developed by assistant professor Zhibin Yu, however, requires only one application.

The result, as reported in the journal Advanced Materials, sharply reduces the cost of LED production while maintaining its efficiency.

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“In the future, to do manufacturing, it’s a big challenge if you have to deal with multiple layers,” Yu said.

Widespread adoption of LED technology, despite its dramatic energy savings, remained slow because of cost and quality issues. Yu said the new material could finally clear those hurdles.

“In general, the cost of LED lighting has been a big concern thus far," Yu said. "Energy savings have not balanced out high costs. This could change that.”

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