Nidec Acquires KB Electronics, Italy's E.M.G. Elettromeccanica

The acquisitions expand Nidec's strategy to develop new growth platforms in the automotive, appliance, commercial, and industrial markets.

On Wednesday, Kyoto, Japan-based Nidec Corporation announced a pair of acquisitions with Coral Springs-based KB Electronics, and Gambugliani, Italy-based E.M.G. Elettromecannica.

According to Nidec, KB offers a full line of controls for AC and DC motors from fractional through 5 horsepower, primarily used for industrial automation, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), pumps and material handling systems. The company manufactures more than 200 types of standard off-the-shelf controls for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

"The addition of KB drives and controls into the Nidec product portfolio expands our ability to provide packaged solutions to customers who want to pair a simple AC input variable speed control with a motor," said Kei Pang, Nidec President and CEO. "KB's people and products do an excellent job of delivering what their customers really want: quality, customization, and simple-to-use products. With this acquisition, we have the ability to provide a variable speed solution for every motor we offer."

As a result of the acquisition, KB became a consolidated subsidiary of Nidec.

Privately-owned E.M.G. manufacturers and sells motors for commercial facilities, air and smoke ventilation, industrial equipment and household appliances.

Said Nidec in a release: "The company expects that the Transaction will open up broad opportunities to sell EMG's high efficiency motors conforming to the IEC1 standards not only in the European market, but also to its U.S. customers through Nidec Motor Corporation's existing sales channels being used to provide its NEMA2 standard motors."