Nissan Forklift Announces Successful Fiscal 2011 Results

Nissan Forklift added four new dealer partners and executed several successful dealer programs designed to inspire and reward dealer partners . . .

Marengo, IL – Nissan Forklift Corporation has announced its business results for its 2011 fiscal year end, which occurred on March 31, 2012. The company reported continued strong growth and profits.

“We are pleased with the gains that were made in fiscal 2011. We released new products, added dealers and saw significant sales growth. Total sales increased year-over-year 31 percent,” said Peter Kruse, president, Nissan Forklift Corporation. “We also celebrated the milestone of the 200,000th Nissan forklift.”

The production of the 200,000th Nissan forklift was a sign of the company’s growth. Nissan Forklift began production in the U.S. in 1988. It took 14 years to produce the first hundred thousand forklifts, but significantly less time to produce the second hundred thousand forklifts.

Nissan Forklift Corporation attributes its strong growth to several factors, including new product releases in 2011, growing capabilities, increased productivity and improved efficiency.

Throughout the year, Nissan Forklift added four new dealer partners and executed several successful dealer programs designed to inspire and reward dealer partners. The company improved training with the University of Nissan Forklift online training and certification portal. It also improved dealer support with, an enhanced e-commerce parts portal that consolidated the online catalog and ordering system.

“We continued to explore new methods in 2011 to drive efficiency and reduce lead times, all while maintaining a high product quality at Nissan Forklift,” added Kruse.

During 2011, Nissan Forklift launched several new products including the Platinum GO6 series of pneumatic lift trucks with efficient diesel engines, the Platinum OP series of order picker trucks with Ergolift, the APX series of walkie pallet trucks with superior maneuverability in tight spaces, the Manager’s Special pallet truck with an antibacterial coating for work in meat processing, and the Trucker’s Special, designed to make loading and unloading trucks more efficient.

“By uncovering different industries where Nissan Forklift products offer a unique value, we forged relationships in new markets,” said Jim Radous, vice president of sales and marketing, Nissan Forklift. “Our dealer partners have been instrumental in helping us achieve growth, and we plan to continue building on the resources available to help them grow in 2012. We also achieved nearly double-digit growth in our spare parts category.”

Nissan Forklift Corporation designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of material handling equipment that delivers features resulting in greater dependability, higher productivity and lower operational costs. Headquartered in Marengo, Ill., Nissan Forklift has a network of more than 100 authorized dealerships with over 225 locations across North, South and Latin America, as well as additional worldwide locations.

For more information, contact Nissan Forklift Corporation, 240 North Prospect Street, Marengo, IL 60152. Phone (815) 568-0061, Fax (815) 568-0179, visit or send email to [email protected].