ReThink Labeling Launches Exclusive Certified Label Program for Epson Printers

New solution overcomes common problems of label appearance, adhesion and performance.

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ANAHEIM, CA — ReThink Labeling introduces the first-ever Certified Epson Label Program, the only collection of its kind offering a full line of label materials that are guaranteed to get the most out of Epson label printers.

Any industry that labels products or packages will benefit from Epson label printers, which are ideal for high-speed, B&W and color on-demand applications. Printed labels may be used for retail packaging, product identification, and tracking, or to comply with government regulations. Special label materials are required for each application.

Certified Epson Labels are perfectly matched to produce outstanding quality and maximum performance with Epson printers so that customers will attain optimal results.

Re Think Labeling GroupThe Certified Epson Label Program includes matte and gloss papers and synthetics, unique textured labels, specialty materials, and adhesives, with hundreds of standard configurations for the quick delivery - as well as custom labels in any size, shape or configuration.

“We work closely with our customers to develop and certify labeling systems, taking into account their processes, environment, logistics, data management, and other factors,” said John Trail, president of ReThink Labeling. “Non-certified labels can cause a number of common problems."

Among those problems are poor print quality and inconsistent color on labels; labels that don’t stick reliably; low-quality barcodes and printer jams.

“We created the Certified Label Program after years of experience helping customers who encountered these issues, often caused from buying low-quality supplies and chasing the lowest price tag,” Trail said. “Without an industry-standard governing label material quality and performance, our first-of-its-kind initiative is designed to establish Certified Epson Labels and print solutions as the gold standard in on-demand label printing."

All ReThink Certified Epson Labels are produced in an ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility and are guaranteed to deliver superior results when used for the application specified at the time of purchase. 

Companies interested in testing specific Certified Epson blank labels with their Epson printers can request free sample rolls at ReThink Labeling's website.

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