Corded DURASPIN Auto-Feed Screw Drivers

SENCO’s corded DURASPIN auto-feed screw drivers have been re-engineered to increase speed and productivity.

Ds342 Ac With Fasteners

CINCINNATI, OH — SENCO’s corded DURASPIN auto-feed screw drivers have been re-engineered to increase speed and productivity, incorporating industry-leading features from the company’s recently updated cordless DURASPIN line, SENCO announced today.

The most notable design innovation is SENCO’s new feed system, which improves speed, usability and work quality. Screws now advance automatically after the previous drive for faster and more precise fastening. The patented Corner-Fit Feed system easily fits into tight spaces where other collated screw drivers get stuck, while providing a better line of sight and easier toenailing. 

These new generation SENCO corded tools — the DS245-AC, DS242-AC and DS342-AC — are all-in-one solutions for users who want to experience the benefits of SENCO’s collated screw systems for the best possible value. Each corded DURASPIN includes everything users need at an affordable price-point and with no batteries, tools or adaptors needed. 

The corded DURASPIN line includes three new systems, each with unique benefits:

DS245-AC – This tool’s high-speed, 5,000-rpm motor is intended for high-volume applications such as drywall, sheathing, cement board and underlayment. It drives 1- to 2-inch collated screws. 

DS242-AC – With a high-torque, 2500-rpm motor, the DS242-AC is suited to jobs in which drill-point screws are used to cut through heavy material such as steel or cement board. It drives 1- to 2-inch collated screws. 

DS342-AC – The most versatile tool, the DS342-AC includes a high-torque, 2500-rpm motor and can accommodate screws from 1 to 3 inches long. It excels in wood, metal, tile roofing and other dense materials. 

Other features shared by all of the new auto-feed screw drivers include: 

    Tool-free screw length adjustment 

    Variable-speed trigger

    Easily accessible reverse switch

    Heavy-duty, 10-foot rubber power cord

    Durable integrated belt hook

    5-year limited warranty

The new corded DURASPIN products will be available in late May with suggested pricing between $159.99 and $179.99. Each tool comes with two drive bits and a storage bag.