Video: Amazon Business Vs. Industrial Distributors

Applico founder and CEO Alex Moazed, who was featured in three of ID's most popular content items in 2017 regarding Amazon Business' impact in the B2B supply sector, chats with Bloomberg Technology about how e-commerce unit is disrupting MRO distribution.

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Applico founder and CEO Alex Moazed was featured in three of 2017's most popular posts on Industrial Distribution: 

Here, Moazed chats with Bloomberg Technology about how Amazon Business has gone about disrupting the industrial products market and its biggest players. This interview is now a year old, but much of what he talks about just as relevant today as far as e-supplier's impact on industrial distributors.

While watching, keep in mind that industrial distributors have certainly made moves to increase their offering, especially online, to offset the impact Amazon has had on their business in the year since this video first aired. Moazed specifically mentions Grainger and MSC Industrial has two distribution giants feeling the Amazon Business threat, but both companies are constantly refining their e-commerce offering â€” whether in response to Amazon or by their own accord â€” to meet and exceed constantly evolving customer expectations. MSC reported its 2018 first quarter financial results on Tuesday, and Grainger will follow suit on April 19.

See the video below